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    Huh?!..How do you make sunglasses from bamboo plants? Isn't bamboo hollow?

    There are many steps before the natural bamboo is made into a workable material for our eyewear.

    In fact it is TOP-SECRET information, however the final stage is a bamboo material similar to a wooden beam in appearance. It is then cut into small pieces ready for precision milling.

    How do you make slate rock sunglasses?

    We use slate rock for the front layer of our sunglasses, then press fine layers of strong carbonised bamboo into a precision mold. After the setting process is complete, we CNC the frames ready for hinges and lenses.    

    What do you mean by "handcrafted"? 

    Every bamboo, rock or denim frame component is CNC cut to the precise mm. The frames are then milled and grooved. Hand assembled, hand polished and finally lensed. 

    Is bamboo Sustainable?

    We believe bamboo is possibly the most sustainable and ethical material for product design. Sustainable fashion is something we are proud to associate ourselves and undoubtably at the forefront of our work.  

    Are the sunglasses and watches heavy?,..they are like wood aren't they?

    Each pair of bamboo, rock or denim sunglasses we sell are surprisingly light. The average weight of our sunglasses is 25G. (Not including case)

    Pandas eat bamboo don't they? Do pandas eat the same bamboo used for these sunglasses? 

    Pandas do not eat moso bamboo otherwise we would not use it. Our company is very earth conscious and we apply ecology to all our work ethics.